Buyer’s Guide To LED Lighting


When you need to install lighting in a commercial or industrial space that requires an abundance of light, especially spaces with high ceilings, you will source lighting products that are specifically designed this purpose and space configuration. When selecting lighting for this purpose, it’s important to choose commercial and industrial lighting that will light your space as efficiently as possible, both in terms of quality light output and in energy-efficiency. Cost-effective lighting solutions are very important as well, especially when lighting large spaces. LED can do that for you with energy savings turning into cost savings. Whether you choose LED high bays, LED canopy or anything in between, TW LED has a high-performance lighting solution for you. To shop Commercial or Industrial Lighting, click here!

2.From fluorescent to LED

There are several types of LED lighting that are great choices to install in a commercial or industrial space. While they might differ in terms of style or function, one feature that remains consistent throughout is their LED technology. Making the decision to switch from fluorescent to LED is easier than ever. LED lighting boasts great features that are all both time and cost-saving, such as high-performance, 50,000+ hour lifespan, decreased maintenance, and unparalleled energy-efficiency.

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3.The main 10 reasons you should convert your warehouse lighting to LED lighting

3.1Energy and Cost-Savings
One of the main benefits of LED is their energy-efficiency. Energy-efficient lighting will result directly in energy-savings and therefore cost-savings as well. Your electricity bill will be significantly reduced as a result of installing LED. Why? you might ask. LED are up to approximately 80% more efficient than fluorescent, thanks to their unprecedented lumen to watt ratio.
3.2 LED Provide More Light
One of the biggest differences between LED and fluorescent is that LED are not omnidirectional, and therefore produce approximately 70% more light than other inefficient lighting (such as incandescent).
3.3 Long Lifespan
Unlike fluorescent lights, which typically have a lifespan of approximately 10,000 hours, LED have incredible longevity, lasting an average of 50,000+ hours. LED are built to last for several years and will save you from the hassle of replacing burned-out lights.
3.4 Decreased Maintenance Cost and Repairs
Thanks to the long lifespan of LED lighting, you can save time and money on the lighting repairs and maintenance in your warehouse, which, at times, can be a large undertaking. As your LEDs boast a 50,000+ hours lifespan, you will eliminate any costly repairs.
3.5 “Instant On” Feature
A main difference between LED lighting and other inefficient types of lighting, is that LED offer “instant on” technology. Unlike fluorescent, LED lights do not take time to turn on, warm up, or reach their full light output and therefore do not risk shattering. The “instant on” function of the light is also not affected by sudden temperature changes.
3.6 Versatility in Hot and Cool Temperatures
LED lights offer great functionality in a variety of climates. Their overall efficiency is not affected by sudden or severe temperature changes, as they are built to withstand several climates and a wide range of temperatures.
3.7 Low Heat Production
LED do not produce heat in the same way as fluorescent. A great feature of LED is that they give off little to no heat production. This makes them safe for installation in most areas, as they will not be affected by any heat-related hazards. Thanks to their low heat production, the air conditioning in your warehouse will be significantly more efficient.
3.8 LED are Non-Toxic
LED lighting does not contain the toxic chemical mercury. Smashing or breaking an LED bulb does not carry the same toxicity risk as with fluorescent. This makes them a safer choice for a busy warehouse or construction management.
3.9 Dimming Options
Many people choose a dimmable lighting solution for their warehouses. While you can choose to have the light set to its full light output, you also have the option to dim the light and decrease your energy usage and therefore increase your savings. Dimming your lights does in fact save energy, and in a large space such as a warehouse, a dimmable light can be very beneficial. For those times that you might not need the full light output, but don’t want to lose light in any area, you can dim the lights to your choosing and save energy. Some of our dimmable commercial/industrial lighting includes LED High Bays, Canopy Lights, LED Flood Lights, and Wall Pack Lights. 

4.No Matter What Style you Choose, LEDs are the Best Option

With all of these fantastic options to choose from, there is no wrong answer. TW LED has something to fit your every need. With the energy-efficiency of LED available to you and your commercial or industrial space, you can guarantee significant time and cost-savings when you make the switch.

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Post time: Mar-02-2023