LED Wall Pack Light 122lm/W

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As versatile as it is efficient, WP04 is designed to replace up to 400W metal halide while saving up to 87% in energy costs. The brand new WP04 series provides enhanced end-user experiences and unmatched energy savings. The long life LEDs and driver make this fixture nearly maintenance-free. The classic architectural shape of the WP04 series was designed for applications such as roadway lighting, building entrances, schools, tunnels, factories and loading docks.

  • Voltage: 120-277V or 347V-480V VAC
  • Power: 27W / 45W / 62W / 90W / 115W
  • Color Temperature: 4000K / 5000K
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    Series No.
    120-277V/347V-480V VAC
    1-10V dimming
    Light Source Type
    LED chips
    Color Temperature
    27W, 45W, 62W, 90W, 115W
    Light Output
    3450 lm, 5600 lm, 7800 lm, 11000 lm, 14500 lm
    UL listing
    Wet location
    Operating Temperature
    -40°C to 40°C (-40°F to 104°F)
    50,000 hours
    5 year
    Pathway, Building entryways, Perimeter lighting
    Junction box, Wall mount (No need to open driver box)
    Photocell - Button (Optional), PIR Motion Sensor (Optional), Emergency Battery Backup (Optional)

    <Best design> As versatile as it is efficient, the TW LED MWP04 is designed to replace up to 400W metal halide while saving up to 87% in energy costs. It is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, and the corrosion-resistant shell is carefully crafted, which is extremely stable, waterproof and anti-friction. It also uses a deep bronze polyester powder coating finish, which is not easy to discolor and age, and is resistant to dirt and dust. It is worth mentioning that the glass lens of the MWP04 is optional, you can choose according to your needs. And the glass shade is shatterproof, you can choose the size you need with confidence.

    <Easy installation> This MWP04 is a wall-mounted LED light, which is easy to install. You can choose to install it with a junction box or directly hang it on the wall according to your needs (no need to open the driver box). Once installed, it requires almost no maintenance, and the built-in LED emit light efficiently, with less heat and a long service life. It's perfect whether you're retrofitting an old building or a new lighting layout.

    <Energy saving> The MWP04 saves more energy consumption than 400W metal halide lamps, which ensures that it will not cost too much money and energy during use. And this lamp has passed DLC certification, you can get energy-saving lighting rebate. In addition, there is also a photoreceptor in the accessories, you can achieve more power saving effect by installing a photoreceptor, it can automatically adjust the brightness according to the natural light. During the day, it will be darker, and at night, it will light up.

    <Bright light> This MWP04 replaces 400W MH fixtures, which can reach a minimum of 122lm/W, and the brightness is long-lasting. The 5000K light color used in this luminaire ensures bright and clear light, a soft and comfortable light for everyday life. Dimming can be adjusted in 1-10v.

    <Accessories> The accessories included in this MWP04 are photoreceptor, PIR sensor and emergency power supply.

    <Recommend use> We recommend you to use this MWP04 in pathway, building entrances and perimeter lighting.

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