Ip65 Outdoor LED Flood Lights 161lm/W

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MFD11 aims to provide customers with an economical, efficient, flexible and long-life floodlight. The low-profile and stylish exterior design can be well integrated into various architectural environments. Available in three sizes and multiple lumen packages from 15W-120W, this product also achieve up to 161lm/W efficiency. At the same time, it takes into account the functions of light control, CCT & Power adjustable, which can save energy to the greatest extent and facilitate customer stocking. Reliable IP65 structural design, MFD11 is very suitable for general flood lighting of courtyards, driveways, buildings,
billboards, etc.

  • Voltage: 120-277 VAC
  • Power: 15W / 27W / 40W / 65W / 85W / 120W
  • Color Temperature: 3000K / 4000K / 5000K
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    Series No.
    120-277 VAC
    1-10V dimming
    Light Source Type
    LED chips
    Color Temperature
    15W, 27W, 40W, 65W, 85W, 120W
    Light Output
    2300 lm, 3800 lm, 6000 lm, 9700 lm, 14500 lm,19000 lm
    UL listing
    Wet location
    IP Rating
    Operating Temperature
    -40˚C - + 40˚C ( -40˚F - + 104˚F )
    50,000 hours
    5 year
    Landscape, Building facades, Commercial lighting
    1/2" NPS Knuckle, Slipfitter, Trunnion and Yoke
    Photocell (Optional), Power and CCT controller (Optional)
    15W & 27W
    40W & 65W
    90W & 120W

    <Excellent quality> The TW MFD11 is designed to provide customers with economical, efficient and flexible lighting solutions. The luminaire is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, and the sturdy construction gives the floodlight excellent corrosion resistance, durability and dirt resistance. The shell is finished with a deep bronze polyester powder coating for an understated and stylish appearance that blends perfectly into any architectural environment. The MFD11 adopts an eaves-like housing, which has a good waterproof effect on the top of the lens, and can work efficiently even in bad weather such as heavy rain. Please rest assured that our products are IP65 waterproof, and the excellent design and structure can make the lamps have longer luminous efficiency and higher service life.

    <Various installations> The MFD11 installation methods are relatively simple and diverse, and the optional installation methods include 1/2 NPS knuckle mount, slip-fitter mount, truncation mount and yoke mount. Rest assured, the mounting brackets are all made of aluminum alloy and can be rotated at multiple angles to project light to different places, 100% safe.

    <Multiple choices> The MFD11 replaces the general light-controlled light. Compared with the previous light-controlled light, it is brighter. The 90W light can emit 161lm/W of brightness, and the usage time can reach 50,000 hours. At the same time, this lamp is also very energy-saving and has the DLC premium certification. After you buy MFD11, you can choose whether you need photocell or not. If necessary, we can install it directly in the production line, so that MFD11 can be light-controlled to realize automatic brightness change. And this lamp can be dimmed in 1-10v, CCT and power are adjustable, you can choose the brightness, power and CCT of the lamp according to your own needs.

    <Accessories> The accessories included in this product are photocell and power and CCT controller, two accessories can help you change the brightness, power and CCT of the light according to your needs.

    <Recommend use> We recommend you use it in landscaping, building facades and commercial lighting. Such as courtyards, driveways and billboards, etc.

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