LED Wall Pack Lights 5000K 130W 20000 lm

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The brand-new WP15 series of LED Wall Pack, available only in one size and the power from 26W to 135W, can replace up to 400W MH. Uniform light distribution and excellent LED lumen maintenance rate, high energy efficiency, low cost, while taking into account the stylish design, ensure that the fixture has a long service life. WP15 also has on-site dimmable output and CCT settings, allowing the contractor to set the lumen value and CCT of the fixture at the installation site to a level that is perfectly suitable for the work site. Emergency egress battery and light control are optional, which is an ideal choice to meet any daily wall-mounted lighting applications.

  • Voltage: 120-277V or 347V-380V VAC
  • Power: 26W / 38W / 65W / 100W / 135W
  • Color Temperature: 3000K / 4000K / 5000K
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    Series No.
    120-277V/347V-380V VAC
    1-10V dimming
    Light Source Type
    LED chips
    Color Temperature
    26W, 38W, 65W, 100W, 135W
    Light Output
    4000 lm, 6000 lm, 10000 lm, 15500 lm, 20000 lm
    UL listing
    Wet location
    Operating Temperature
    -40°C to 40°C (-40°F to 104°F)
    5 year
    Pathway, Building entryways, Perimeter lighting
    Junction box (No need to open driver box)
    Photocell - Button (Optional), Emergency Battery Backup (Optional), Power and CCT controller (Optional)

    <Unique design> TW LED launched a new commercial grade LED Wall Pack MWP15 series, only one size, power from 26W to 135W, can replace up to 400W MH. Uniform light distribution and excellent LED lumen maintenance, high energy efficiency, low cost, while taking into account the stylish appearance. Full-coverage design, built-in rubber ring, to block dust and water droplets to the greatest extent, to ensure long service life of lamps. The MWP15 also features field-dimmable output and CCT settings, allowing contractors to set the lumen value and CCT of the luminaire at the installation site to levels perfectly suited to the job site. Emergency exit batteries and light controls are optional and are ideal for any everyday wall lighting application.

    <Excellent structure> The MWP15 features a solid cast aluminum alloy housing, new lens optics push light out and forward instead of wasting it, and premium components make it a commercial grade LED wall light. Designed with a full cutoff to minimize glare, the MWP15 is a very bright and durable light with a shatterproof polycarbonate lens that protects the LEDs and gives the light anti-glare protection.

    <Energy saving>  Low energy consumption brings high brightness and saves electricity bills. 65W can emit 10000lm of light, and 5000K light color brings comfortable lighting experience. Our wall pack light is ideal for bringing brightness to sidewalk, backyard, home, night security, overhead door lighting applications. Optional installation of sensors, more energy-saving.

    <Easy to install> The MWP15 is DLC, FCC and UL compliant for easy installation and all models have standard circular cutouts for easy wiring. And there is no need to open the driver box during the installation process, which saves a lot of installation time and makes customers feel relaxed and convenient.

    <Accessories> The optional accessories of MWP15 include photocell - button, emergency battery backup and Power and CCT controller, so that the product can be adapted to various application scenarios.

    <Recommend use> We recommend you to use this product in pathway, building entryways and perimeter lighting.


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