LED High Bay Lighting with PIR Motion Sensor

Short Description:

MHB06 is a black economical alternative to MHB02 with light efficiency up to 136 lm/W. The MHB06 is suitable for using in low level of lighting spaces as an economic choice for customers. And more than 80 CRI will generate visual comfortable lighting.

  • Voltage: 120-277 VAC or 347-480 VAC
  • Power: 67W / 97W / 140W / 180W / 215W
  • Color Temperature: 4000K / 5000K
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    Series No.
    120-277 VAC or 347-480 VAC
    1-10V dimming
    Light Source Type
    LED chips
    Color Temperature
    67W, 97W, 140W, 180W, 215W
    Light Output
    9100 lm, 12300 lm, 17500 lm, 25000 lm, 30000 lm
    UL listing
    Wet location
    Operating Temperature
    -40°C to 50°C ( -40°F to 122°F )
    50,000 hours
    5 year
    Warehouses, Industrial, Retail
    Conduit pendant, Hook or surface mounting
    PIR Motion Sensor (Optional), Emergency Box (Optional), U-bracket (Optional)
    67W & 97W
    180W & 215W

    <Strong and sturdy> The MHB06 series is a UFO shaped high bay light, an economical choice for low level lighting spaces. Its shell is made of durable die-cast aluminum alloy, which is strong and strong, and can well protect the lamp. The integrated design of the durable metal body is adopted, and there are many heat sinks on the back, which are very suitable for heat dissipation, can work with greater efficiency and prolong the service life. The outer lampshade is made of plastic, which is not easy to break and age, and can well protect the inner lamp panel. The structure of the circular lamp panel makes the lamp emit more uniform light without emitting yellow light. Please rest assured that MHB06 has passed FCC and UL certification, no harmful substances, no radiation, 100% environmentally friendly, 100% safe, and no harm to the human body.

    <Easy to install> The MHB06 series is easy to install, and the luminaire comes with a hook, which can be easily installed on the ceiling. You can also choose to use a conduit pendant or install directly on the ceiling. If you feel uneasy or scared, you can also buy a safety rope to tie the lamp.

    <Comfortable and bright>  The MHB06 specification 215W LED can emit 29000lm, replacing 400W MH fixtures, which can save more energy while emitting bright light. Moreover, this light can be dimmed within 1-10v, you can adjust the brightness according to your needs. It has a CRI of over 80 and produces lighting that is visually comfortable for the user. If you have other needs, you can choose different CCT and Power for specifications of 97W and 215W.

    <Accessories> The accessories included in this product are PIR motion sensor, emergency box and u-bracket. The U-shaped bracket can adjust the angle of MHB06 to adjust the irradiation direction to illuminate any area you need, and you can choose whether to use the bracket.

    <Recommend use> We recommend you to use this product in warehouse, industrial and retail, etc.

    Remarkable Heat Dissipation


    168 ImW
    LED are used to reach 168 ImW


    CCT & Power Regulator Offer four selectable lumen output(40%/60%/80%/100%)and two CCTs(40K/50K)


    Product Detail


    2.LED Driver

    3.Waterproof Ring

    4.Die-casting Aluminum Housing

    5.Waterproof Silicon Rubber

    6.LED Chips

    7.Plastic Cover


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