LED Outdoor Sports Flood Light

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The MFD08 luminaire is a high performance LED lighting solution designed with optical versatility and a slim, low profile design. Its rugged cast  aluminum housing minimizes wind load requirements and features an integral, watertight LED driver compartment and high performance aluminum  heat sinks. Markets include parking lots, walkways, campuses, car dealerships, office complexes, and internal roadways.

  • Voltage: 120-277VAC or 347-480VAC
  • Power: 15W / 27W / 45W / 60W / 70W / 90W / 100W / 135W / 200W / 250W / 350W
  • Color Temperature: 3000K / 3500K / 4000K / 5000K
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    Series No.
    120-277VAC or 347-480VAC
    1-10V dimming
    Light Source Type
    LED chips
    Color Temperature
    15W, 27W, 45W, 60W, 70W, 90W, 100W, 135W, 200W, 250W, 350W
    Light Output
    2000 lm, 3700 lm, 6150 lm, 7800 lm, 9400 lm, 13400 lm, 13500 lm, 18500 lm, 27000 lm, 37500 lm, 50000 lm
    UL listing
    Wet location
    Operating Temperature
    -40 ̊C - + 40 ̊C ( -40 ̊F - + 104 ̊F )
    5 year
    Landscape, Building facades, Commercial lighting
    Knuckle mount, Slipfitter mount, Yoke mount, Trunnion mount
    Photocell - Button (Optional)

    <Excellent technology> The TW MFD08 luminaire is a high-performance LED light, designed to have more options and functionality, and for the convenience of transportation and packaging, we chose to make it thinner and lighter compared to LED flood light. This lamp is made of sturdy die-cast aluminum alloy, and the shell is very corrosion-resistant, dust-proof, waterproof and scratch-resistant. It is also resistant to UV rays and can be efficiently illuminated outdoors. The interior of The MFD08 consists of an excellent aluminum heartsick and an integrated waterproof LED driver bay to maximize heat dissipation and increase the lifespan of the luminaire. And it has FCC and UL safety certification, long-term use will not cause damage to the human body.

    <Solid installation> Please note that the installation of the MFD08 requires bracket support. We will include installation instructions in the product. You can choose the installation method you need to install. The installation method is optional knuckle mount, slip-fitter mount, yoke mount and truncation mount. Please install and use with confidence, these brackets are made of sturdy shell and have anti-aging coating, which is very durable.

    <Bright light> The MFD08 is very suitable for use where high brightness lighting is required, it replaces 1000W MH fixtures, the working power range is from 15W to 350W, and the highest efficiency is 143lm/W, you can choose the right one according to your needs and lighting scenarios power and size. If you live in a remote and quiet place, we highly recommend you to buy this product, it will illuminate the surrounding environment and give you more sense of security. In addition, the parking lot is also very suitable for this product, it shines for a long time, is not easy to light decay, and is durable. There is also a five-year warranty and after-sales service is guaranteed. Although the efficiency of this lamp is very high, it is still very energy efficient. It has DLC premium certification and you don't have to worry too much about it costing you too much energy and money in daily use.

    <Accessories> The accessory that comes with the MFD08 is only one photocell, the stand needs to be purchased separately according to your choice.

    <Recommend use> We recommend that you use this product in landscapes, building exteriors, commercial lighting where a wide range of lighting is required. Such as parking lots, campuses, office buildings or internal roadways.

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